genhealth Hamilton

Gen Health Hamilton launches a new brand of health care for the Hamilton community.

Our complementary team offers a collaborative approach to managing you and your families podiatry and physiotherapy needs.

We're local girls, combining our skills, knowledge and passion to give YOU the health you've always wanted.

We are also thrilled to be launching clinical Pilates to the Hamilton region.

Meet the team


Gen Health is passionate about the Hamilton community, and is proud to be involved in a variety of ways. Are you having a group or sporting event? Ask us to come along and share what we know about keeping you active and healthy. We'd love to share what we do! Some of the ways include:
  • First parents group education sessions for preventive foot care in babies and young children
  • Referral links with midwifery to improve women's health surrounding pregnancy, particular with abdominal strengthening and pelvic floor
  • Paediatric Foot screenings in primary schools to identify those at risk of postural problems
  • Education sessions for sports trainers regarding strapping and taping techniques
  • Interactive information sessions as guest speakers in our community groups, including retirees, diabetes groups, seniors gym class and forums.
  • Participation in local fun runs, and the weekly Park run Hamilton event
  • Annual blister support crew for the Serra Terra
  • Open-night information sessions held at our clinic on topics such as Lymphoedma, maximising women's health, children's posture and development and running techniques.
  • Footwear experts visiting our clinic with complementary fitting service for supportive stylish footwear
  • Involvement with sustainable farm families and attendance at training in farmers health
  • Workplace assessments
  • Complementary online resources including checklists for footwear fit, back health, pelvic floor and children's back to school checklist, as well as our monthly newsletter.



56 Alexandra Parade, Hamilton VIC 3300

+61 (03) 5571 9923