Gen Health is a vibrant allied health hub, combining Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Reformer Therapy



Formally Fit Feet Podiatry, the business reinvented itself in 2015 to pioneer a unique preventative healthcare model within the Greater Hamilton Region.

Established by 4 local young women, Gen Health has now grown to employ 14 team members, attracting and retaining young professionals to the region.

Winner of the Southern Grampian’s Shire Telstra Business of the Year award in 2016 and again in 2018, Gen Health are committed to providing the latest evidence based healthcare practice and are proud to have now expanded their impact to the wider region via telehealth.

Current directors Stephanie Lamont, Melanie Roll, Jessica Fishburn and Tess Lamont are passionate about providing a supportive team environment.


At Gen Health we are passionately guided by our mission and values in all team, business and community decisions and commitments. 

Mission: “Together strengthening the health of our local community."

Vision: “To be the largest evidence-based Allied health network in the region.”


Striving for outstanding service
 Fostering proactive mindsets
Leading with Empathy
Harbouring a team environment

Translating the latest evidence into practice

Creating a collaborative community