What is a Partial Nail Avulsion?

A procedure performed under local anaesthetic to remove a portion of your toenail, to reduce it irritating the skin. 

In order to achieve this, the nail must be detached from the nail bed underneath, and loosened where it attaches at the base of the growth plate.

This procedure has become much less invasive than the older methods of nail surgery.

No stitches are required, and there is usually little bleeding.

A chemical called phenol is applied to the nail cells, in order to prevent this side of the nail growing again.

It is sometimes difficult to ensure all cells are treated, which is why occasionally a 'spike' will grow in the corner of the nail. 



Local Anaesthesia Injection (985) - $55.00

Partial Nail Avulsion procedure and Matrix Sterilization single side (474) - $250.00

(extra side if required is $50 each)

Medical/Surgical dressings (411) - $37.00

TOTAL: $342


Re-dressings (Day 3 and Day 10 after surgery) - Short consult (010) - $48.00

TOTAL: $96

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How to prepare

  • Eat and drink as per normal before the procedure.

  • It is not recommended you drive or operate machinery after the procedure, please have someone drive and collect you.

  • Wear thongs or open shoes as the dressing usually does not fit into regular shoes.

  • You may like to bring something to read or distract you.

  • Allow approximately 1 hour but please arrive early to complete paperwork.

  • Please be prepared to answer information regarding your medical history.

  • This includes medications you are taking, any health conditions, allergies, surgical and anaesthetic history and any adverse reactions during any surgical procedures.

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What to expect afterwards

Your toe will remain numb for 2-3 hours after the procedure until the anaesthetic wears off. The postoperative dressing must remain on and dry until after your next appointment in 3 days.


It is normal to experience mild discomfort within the first 24-48 hours after surgery, however, some patients experience none at all.

Paracetamol can be used for pain relief as directed on the box. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN or ANTI INFLAMMATORIES as these can encourage bleeding.


For best results, cover your foot with a plastic bag in the shower. Do not remove the dressing, this will be done at your review appointment.

Return to normal activities the day after the procedure within your comfort levels. 

Excess trauma should be avoided, e.g. kicking a ball. If your toe bleeds through the dressing, elevate your foot and apply further bandaging.

Possible side effects

  • Pain/discomfort is usually dependent on how difficult the nail is to remove.

  • Phenol 'burn' of surrounding skin.

  • Adverse reaction to anaesthetic.

To best avoid any complications, please ensure you fully disclose your medical details and follow the care and advice provided.​

Dressing regime

After the first check-up on day 3, you will be required to dress the toe daily as follows:

  • Wash thoroughly with cotton wool and sterile saline (salt water). Remove any debris or dry skin very gently. Dry well.

  • Use betadine ointment, then apply a cutiplast (breathable bandaid) to your toe.

  • Keep dry each shower.

  • Dressing may need changing more often if your foot becomes wet/sweaty/dirty.

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