• Naomi Hill - Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy: Does my family need OT support?

Occupational therapists work with parents and children to support their participation in daily activities at home, in the community, and in an educational setting.

Some children may experience difficulties with fine, gross or visual motor skills, sensory processing, executive function/thinking skills, social interaction or emotional regulation.

How do I know if my child would benefit from OT support?

  • Difficulty achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones.

If you are concerned about your child’s developmental progress i.e. late or skipped crawling, or walking, an Occupational Therapist will work through a developmental checklist to identify possible delays and recommend further support from a medical professional, if required.

  • Difficulty with fine motor tasks.

When there is decreased strength, control and dexterity in the hand muscles, children may have trouble with fine motor skills such as writing/drawing, using scissors, getting dressed, opening/closing toys and containers, or using utensils during feeding. The OT will provide you with strategies to support the building of these muscles and skills to achieve success and promote independence.

  • Difficulty with gross motor skills.

Some children experience decreased strength, balance, endurance, or coordination during walking, running, jumping, ball games, climbing on play equipment, or navigating stairs and uneven surfaces. The OT will provide you with strategies to support the building of these muscles and skills to achieve success and promote independence.

  • Sensory processing differences.

Our senses are how we receive and understand the sensory information in our environments. Children with sensory processing differences can be extremely sensitive or excessively seek sensory input to the point it interferes with their daily function, including behaviour and engagement. The OT will help you to understand how your child perceives the sensory information from the environment around them and problem solve ways to support these.

Meeting with an Occupational Therapist will help you establish how they can support you and your child to build their skills to participate in the activities that they need and want to do. This may involve a period of regular sessions directly with the child, education and support sessions for the parents, liaising with the educational staff and other health professionals.

Our Occupational Therapist Naomi sees patients aged between 0-18.

For more information and to discuss whether your family would benefit from Occupational Therapy support, please call the Gen Health clinic on 5571 9923.