What is Prolotherapy?

Prolo = Growth

Prolotherapy is a combination of local anaesthetic and glucose injected into injured joints, ligaments and tendons.

Prolotherapy involves injecting solution to stimulate the natural inflammatory process that encourages:

  • Tissue repair

  • Pain reduction

  • Increased strength.

Prolotherapy injections are $55 per session plus the appointment cost.

$95 ($91 concession) for initial appointments and $82 ($78 concession) for standard appointments.

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About Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy injections are used for injured joints and connective tissue.


The aim is to accelerate the healing process in a specific targeted area, usually the injury site which triggers the body's healing response.

This leads to the growth of new, healthy ligaments or tendon fibres or modifies nerve fibres.

As a result, less pain, stiffness and improved strength, function and mobility of the area is achieved.

Because prolotherapy stimulates growth of tissue, it is most effective on chronic conditions which have been present for long periods of time.

About the treatment

Prolotherapy injections are best used in conjunction with other treatments including strengthening, taping and orthotics.

The procedure

Multiple injections (3-5) are needed every 2 weeks depending on the injury.

Conditions it can help with include:

  • Chronic ankle injuries

  • Ankle osteoarthritis

  • Painful knee osteoarthritis

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome 

  • Chronic plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendinopathy.

After treatment 

It is common to have some pain and swelling and it is best to avoid high impact activities for one week following treatment.

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