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Our complementary team offers a collaborative approach to managing you and your families podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy & exercise physiology needs.




Do you have a nagging injury that won’t give in? Or are you just sick and tired of feeling stiff and tired? Then let the Physiotherapists at Gen Health guide you to a better you!

Here at Gen Health, our Physiotherapist team has a goals based focus, taking time to fully assess your injuries and biomechanics to optimise your treatment. We strive to educate each individual about their injury/presentation and create tailored treatment plans to collaboratively achieve your personal goals.

Our Physiotherapy team has extensive experience and the latest up to date evidence to treat both acute and chronic injuries, disability and pain.

Our treatment techniques range from traditional manual therapy including massage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation and dry needling to posture correction, work place assessments and of course, Group Reformer Physiotherapy (previously termed Clinical Pilates). Regardless of the technique, our main aim is to facilitate and optimise your full return to function and/or sport.

Our specialist services include:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries, including sporting injuries

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain, headaches and migraines

  • Vertigo and dizziness

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Hand therapy

  • Women’s health (pelvic floor dysfunction, continence, pregnancy and pelvic pain)

  • Concussion management

  • Functional work place assessment


If you have a foot problem – we can fix it!

Our team of professional, experienced and caring Podiatrists are here to help you with all of your foot, ankle and lower limb related problems.

Podiatry management can also be beneficial as part of the overall management of other lower limb concerns.
Often that means working alongside your other health practitioners, in particular the physiotherapists here at Gen Health.


Your foot concern may be:

  • Heel pain, shin splints, arch or Achilles problems

  • Bunion management, forefoot or arthritic pain

  • Footwear management, extra depth shoes, running shoes recommendation

  • Stress fractures, post-surgery care, surgical removal of in-growing toenails

  • Children’s foot assessment and posture analysis

  • Running technique & efficiency

  • Diabetes foot care and education, neuropathy management

  • Skin and nail conditions including painful or fungal toenail management

  • Plantar warts, cracked heels, corns & callus.

Our Podiatrists also perform Shockwave Therapy and Prolotherapy.

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exercise physiology

 Did you know regular exercise can help in symptom management of Chronic Diseases?

Our accredited Exercise Physiologist can help with the Treatment and Management of:
Common Conditions such as Obesity, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. 
Recovery from Illness, Injury or Operation, Posture and Muscle Control, Exercise Programs for Strength and Flexibility etc.

We can help you:

  • Development of personalised exercise programs including option for ongoing training in a non-intimidating environment

  • Helping you to exercise regardless of your injuries, health conditions, weight, age, and level of fitness

  • Actively treat long-term pain, injuries and medical conditions

  • Walk you through quality, evidence-based exercise to help you achieve your goals in the most effective, safe and efficient manner possible

Talking with our accredited Exercise Physiologist a chance to benefit from her knowledge and guide you towards the appropriate exercise for your condition.


running program

Introducing our new Running Programme Package

The team at Gen Health are excited to combine Physiotherapy and Podiatry to create a Running Programme Package to help improve your running.

This treatment package is for a variety of populations. It can be for those who have never ran before and are looking to start, experienced runners looking to improve their running, it is also able to be a rehabilitation programme for someone who has sustained an injury who wishes to return to running again or it can be used as an injury prevention programme to minimise your risk of getting injured while running.


These sessions can be conducted within the clinic or via Telehealth means. Sessions will be run by Podiatrist Stephanie Lamont.

Stephanie accredited by Running Rehab Masterclass by Richard Willy and Christian Barton. 

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clinical reformer therapy


Clinical Reformer Therapy (formally termed Clinical Pilates) is an increasingly popular form of rehabilitation and preventative care focussing on stability, control and balance ran by qualified physiotherapists. 

It is used in conjunction with Physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of patient complaints, particularly low back pain.

We use a variety of equipment such as mats, reformers and trapeze tables to focus on the retraining and coordination of joint stability muscles. It is important to note the difference between this practice and generic Pilates classes.

Clinical Reformer Therapy applies carefully selected exercises to individual patients with specific injuries. This ensures optimal gains whilst minimising the likelihood of injury aggravation. 

Combining group reformer physiotherapy with traditional physiotherapy treatment, enables patients to ‘take control’ of their injury using exercise prescription.

pelvic health physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Initial - Antenatal
If you are currently pregnant. We can help with low back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence and antenatal exercise (including pregnancy clinical reformer therapy)

Pelvic Health Initial - Postnatal
If you are in the first 3 months since giving birth to your baby. This is for postnatal check, safe return to exercise + sport plan.

Pelvic Health Initial
For all presentations of Pelvic Health. Including all type of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain (including period pain & pain with intercourse), bowel dysfunction (including constipation).

Pelvic Health Review
Review of a current presentation that you've had an initial Pelvic Health appointment in the past 2 years.

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occupational therapy

Our Occupational Therapy service provides assessment and intervention to children 0 - 18 years for fine, gross and visual motor skills, sensory processing and assistive technology and equipment.

  • Assessment and intervention of children (0 - 18 years) for fine, gross and visual motor skills, sensory processing

  • Assistive technology and equipment to maximise function prescription

  • Home modification assessment and prescription

  • Parent education for conditions and skill development

  • School readiness skill assessment, intervention and education

  • Developmental milestone review

  • Support with self-care skills such as dressing, using cutlery, brushing teeth/hair, washing/bathing. 

  • Provide support to educational staff in child care/kinder/school

  • Facilitate increased social participation and engagement in the home, school and community environments.